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Christina Figueres at the COP17 in Durban, South Africa in 2011. [Photo by UNclimatechange from Bonn, Germany - flickr: DSC_1485. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons]

It’s a Costa Rican woman at the head of the Paris climate-change conference

She’s been involved in environmental and climate change issues since 1995, initially in her home country, Costa Rica. Since 2010, ...
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Uruguay shows the world in Paris how it’s using 95% renewable energy

Costa Rica is another small nation that’s achieving a high rate of renewable energy production. Political and popular will has ...
One of the great mysteries surrounding the spread of GMO plants around the world since the first commercial crops were released in the early 1990’s in the USA and Argentina has been the absence of independent scientific studies of possible long-term effects of a diet of GMO plants on humans or even rats. Now it has come to light the real reason. The GMO agribusiness companies like Monsanto, BASF, Pioneer, Syngenta and others prohibit independent research.

Monsanto has legally blocked all research on GMO seeds

Now it’s clear why there’s no independent research (i.e., not done by the chemical companies themselves) on GMO seeds or ...
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Law suit in Ireland may remove Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine from nation

Oh, that it were so simple for Americans to take action against Big Pharma and get results. As in this case in Ireland. Americans can’t ...
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Discover 10 mystical forests around the world

In honor of the planet, Mother Earth, this week while governments are negotiating in Paris how we’re going to save the planet, ...
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NY Times answers basic questions about climate change

This Science article in the New York Times today offers succinct answers to most of the basic questions about climate change, in particular, ...
The bio-net woven by fungi through the forest floor

The bio-net woven by fungi through the forest floor

The role of mushrooms or fungi in strengthening the human immune system is well documented. But studies in different parts of the globe ...
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Flintstone vitamins are chemical-laden, hazardous to kids

 As with absolutely every processed product (in a box, bag, bottle or carton) you’re about to put into your mouth, READ THE ...
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Let’s stop drug advertising on TV–even the AMA says so

Americans must have had an overdose of drug advertising while trying to watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday. Even ...