Conscious choices for optimal health–personal, social, & planetary

About Us

This site is about mindful, conscious living, making choices every day that will sustain our personal health, strengthen our social fabric, and restore our planet. Mother Earth is the alpha and the omega—without a vibrant, self-sustaining planet the social fabric will disintegrate and then individual lives become a quest for survival, not optimal living.

And is about optimal living, engaging science but with an eye towards balancing, nurturing, and applying nature. To achieve this optimal life for the individual, the society, and the planet, we are tending to spirit—whatever you may personally call Divine Intelligence, this dimension is rallied in order to find and bring about optimal living for each of us on this beautiful planet, the only home we have.

For the founder of, Beverly A. Jensen, Ph.D., this website is an extension of the natural health website targeting American women that she launched in 2003,  Good health in 2015 is very much affected by the social and environmental milieu around us. And, more than ever, optimal health requires paying attention to our food choices and reading labels!

Join us, invite others, and let’s create a better future than where we’re headed now with our mindful choices every day.