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Law suit in Ireland may remove Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine from nation

Oh, that it were so simple for Americans to take action against Big Pharma and get results. As in this case in Ireland. Americans can’t even get to court with their stories of injuries, disabilities and death due to vaccines. Instead, in the U.S. the pharmaceutical industry is held blameless against injuries–across the board–take your complaint to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims who will decide if your case has any merit (only with particular vaccines, of course) and if you should be given any compensation. The dangers and risks of the vaccine aren’t even on the agenda.

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Vaccine industry horrors can no longer be censored because of this court testimony

In a recent law suite brought upon by an Irish woman, there was a request to remove the license for Merck’s highly controversial Gardasil brand HPV vaccine. Alleging that her daughter suffered “horrendous adverse effects” after receiving the vaccine as recommended under the Irish school vaccination program.

The lawsuit was brought by Irish nurse Fiona Kirby, a member of the parental support group, Reaction and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (REGRET). She is asking for the court to rescind Gardasil’s license for use in Ireland. She is also asking the court to issue an order preventing the Health Products Regulatory Agency (HPRA) from including Gardasil in any Irish vaccination programs.

Gardasil was added to Ireland’s school vaccination program in 2010, recommended for girls aged 11 to 16

According to REGRET, approximately 100 Irish girls have reported illness following Gardasil vaccination since that time. Kirby’s lawsuit claims that her daughter developed severe flu-like symptoms within 24 hours of her first Gardasil shot in October 2011. The symptoms cleared up, but then returned after her daughter received the second dose. For this reason, Kirby did not give her daughter the third dose.

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