Why I'd Love to Help

Hey! Happy that you are wanting to find out more about yourself, a little about me, and maybe how I can help. First, please allow me to share my why with you: I truly believe that we are all capable of doing more than we currently think possible.

A Little More About Me

If we all believed and acted in such a way the world, we each live in would be so much better! There would be less crime, less divorce, less depression, etc. Each child would have a model showing them how to push through the trials of life while showing grit toward pursuing goals and purpose. This world will most likely not happen in my lifetimeā€¦and I believe it is a world worth fighting for.
A little about my personal life: I have two beautiful daughters, Bella and Sheridan. They both enjoy soccer and trying new sports. They are both so funny and make me laugh all the time! I try my best not to be just a coach with them and enjoy being a dad (although sometimes the coach in me sneaks out and they seem to put up with me when this happensšŸ˜Š) I also enjoy cooking, wine, and long distance running. Pushing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually is something that really gets me going!.
Professional life: I worked in higher education for just over 16 years at both a tier-1 research university and a community college located in Oak Cliff, TX. During that time, I taught a freshman seminar class where I sought to inspire individuals to believe they can do more than they realize. I am also a motivational speaker and have had many opportunities to deliver talks in new student orientations, college athletic programs, and my first TEDx talk in February 2020.
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